When The End Of The Semester Rolls Around…..

When the end of the semester rolls around…..

and you’ve got frozen raspberries and strawberries in your mini freezer that need to be emptied out and defrosted by the time you go home, what’s a girl to do?

I’m too cheap to waste the little berries, duh. So, I got creative.

(Based off of Nourishing Flourishing’s ‘Easy, Cheap Homemade Jam’)



I made Homemade Raspberry & Strawberry Jam:

  • bag of frozen raspberries/strawberries
  • honey, maple syrup, or agave (I didn’t use any, but you may think the jam is too sour without it)

Put your berries in a pot/pan and bring them to a boil. Stir to prevent scorching. Add in the sweetener to suit your taste preference.

I’m thinking I may need to bake with this delicious jam tomorrow since I’ll be home. We shall see.

I made my lunch for tomorrow already, too, because… finals week? It saves me some prep time in the long-run. It’s a spin on Monday’s lunch, minus the strawberries, and with the addition of winter squash and red onions.

Spinach Salad #2:

Good luck on your finals, my fellow blog followers. Eat lots nutrient dense foods before, during, and after testing 😀


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