Portobella Burger

Who doesn’t love a greasy cheeseburger juicy portobella burger?

Just treat the mushroom as if it were a slab of hamburger meat…

I basically recycled & reused the things I’d made during the past few days to put this guy together. Homemade BBQ Sauce , Coconut Curry Socca Crackers , daiya , and a few beet leaves I had left over because I didn’t have any lettuce.

Marinade the shroom with oil, vinegar, salt & garlic powder. Broil or grill it on both sides until tender.

My layering went as follows:

  1. Socca cracker #1
  2. beet leaves (use lettuce like a normal person)
  3. marinated & broiled portobella burger
  4. BBQ sauce
  5. Daiya (which I melted)
  6. onion
  7. Socca cracker #2

Pretty simple for any type of kitchen setting. You can use a frying pan or the oven, so it’s easy for utility room cooking on campus (I’ve done it before).

Are you a fan of vegan or vegetarian ‘burgers’? What’s your favorite kind?



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