Jump Starting Summer…. Classes

I gave my blog’s URL to my School Health Education class before the spring semester ended. The increasing views suggest that a majority of my fellow classmates actually checked out the site. Thanks, y’all 🙂

They’re probably wondering why it seems as though I’ve abandoned my blog, though. What the hey, right??????? Not to worry, I haven’t. Ya see – balancing work, school work and my sanity comes first on the to do list before blog updates. Hence the ghost town feel you’re probably getting while skimming through the posts. My 3.94 GPA (yep, same as Fall 2011’s GPA) for Spring 2012 speaks for itself in that respect.

ANYWAYS, although spring semester is over, I’ve taken it upon myself to enroll in two wonderfully easygoing summer courses…… Earth Science & Chemistry.


Needless to say, after this post’s closure, you can expect another delay in posts until June 21st. Once again, I will be juggling work, school work and, yup, you guessed it, my sanity. How will I maintain my sanity, you ask? Why, by practicing Bikram yoga, of course! I will be at the gym, sweating out my stress, on the days when Bikram class times and summer class times clash. God bless Bikram Choudhry. But that’s an entirely different subject and one I’m not going to tackle in this particular post.



Ginger Goji Lemonade

Ingredient necessities:

Goji berries, chunk of ginger, one lemon, aqua, and ice.



Blend all that up and enjoy.





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