Mixed Berry Crumble (Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free & Vegan)

My grandma stopped eating gluten and refined sugars for health reasons several months ago. Therefore, she refrains from eating most desserts unless they are certifiably GF and also sweetened naturally by fruit or with honey.

On Friday, she and my grandpa will have company over, however, she cannot eat the cherry pie my grandfather purchased. With this in mind, I made her a similar alternative. I suppose I could have made a gluten-free cherry pie, but pies are intimidating…so, I opted not to make one.

Instead of pie, I decided to make cookies… and then I crumbled them into pieces. I saved a few for another future recipe, too 🙂

Make (or buy) cookies, crumble them into pieces OR oatmeal will work, too!
Cut up fresh berries/fruit
Make (or buy) ice cream (I made dairy-free)

Put the cookie crumbles on a plate or in a serving bowl. Top with berries/fruit, and then ice cream. Serve immediately.





One thought on “Mixed Berry Crumble (Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free & Vegan)

  1. Thank you Deanna, you are such a thoughtful and caring granddaughter! I am really looking forward to having this Friday night! Your desserts are the best! Going to enjoy the last of the pretzels you made for us now –they are delicious! Love you, Grandma


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