Salt & Vinegar “Chips”

Zucchini/squash is so versatile; I usually spiralize zucchini or use the gourds in a zucchini/harvest bread recipe. However, I decided to use our CSA squash for something entirely different…

I made salt and vinegar “chips” instead.

These “chips” have a different texture and slightly different taste than standard potato chips, but they still taste good.

If you cannot tolerate potatoes or follow a specific diet that does not allow them, then you should totally give this recipe a go 🙂




Salt & Vinegar “Chips”
2 medium zucchini (sliced paper-thin with a mandolin)
3/4 cup distilled white vinegar
2 tbs oil of choice

Preheat oven to 350. Cover the zucchini slices in the remaining ingredients and let them sit for about 20 minutes (or up to two hours). Pat the zucchini slices dry, then spread them out on a prepared baking tray (parchment paper or tin foil will do). Bake for about 25 minutes on both sides (45-50 minutes total).



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