Breaking the Habit

In December 2013 (roughly thirteen months ago), I chose coffee as a crutch to cope with a taxing schedule and tired mind. Before that, I drank one cup of green tea per day, usually accompanied by a warm glass of lemon water. This alkalizing combination powered me through freshman and sophomore year of college. I felt pretty darn good for a part-time worker and full-time college student. Before the start of my junior year, Mike started a job further away from campus. My total commute used to take 40-45 minutes a day, but then it changed to two hours each day.

One weekend, while writing papers on Battle of Maldon and Twelfth Night, I decided to try a K-Cup of joe. I mean… why not? Besides my mother, most people around me glorify the aromatic liquid and praise it as some sort of super elixir. So I followed the crowd and the Keurig’s elementary instructions. In December 2013, I enjoyed my first cup of fully-caffeinated medium-roast coffee.

The coffee was like some sort of dark magic; I sat in front of my laptop screen until I finished each paper with a well-deserved punctuation mark. “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” and coffee seemed to be the most promising solution to my trying predicament.

From that day forward, in the mornings, like a rigid zombie, I went to the cabinet, retrieved a pearly white ceramic mug, filled it with the aromatic café au lait, and began my tedious day.


Here I am now. It has been a week without coffee, and I am feeling much, much better. Of course, I was foggy and tired for the first five days, but those initial withdrawal feelings are quite fleeting.

If you are interested in “breaking the habit,” then I highly recommend this awesome Lemon Cream Pie herbal tea or Organic Matcha {recipe here} from The Green Teahouse 🙂



Lets see how long I last without the sacred coffee bean!



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