(Gluten Free) Lavash Pizza

Last fall, Mike discovered a cheese-making class and immediately signed us up for it. It was so fun–we learned how to make soft cheeses from cows and goats milk. Then, we immediately bought our own cheese-making materials, so that we could continue to make our own cheese at home.

Soon after our class, I made a homemade grain-free pizza for one of Mike’s work events. It was pretty neat to be able to say that I made the entire pizza… including the cheese.

Homemade is almost always better than store-bought items, in my opinon.

This recipe is easier than a typical pizza. In fact, I was able to assemble the whole thing in about five minutes.

pizza lavish 2


– 1 gluten-free lavash or tortila

– 1 cup sauteed kale

– 4 thin slices of fresh tomato

– 3 TBS homemade sauce (or just pureed tomato)

– 1 oz homemade mozzarella, burrata, or dairy-free cheese

Top the lavash or tortilla with sauce, mozzarella or burrata, kale, and tomato slices. Broil for 3 minutes on ‘hi’. Remove from oven. Serve immediately, or, set aside to cool completely and then place in a container for later. pizza lavish



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