Morning Fuel


Breakfast Assortment:

-Steel cut oats, blueberries, and chia seeds

-Hard-boiled egg

-Dill, spinach, and feta cheese egg cups

-Smoked salmon


FYI: No, I don’t eat all of this at once. I generally have my tea and oatmeal upon waking, and since I digest carbohydrates rather quickly, I eat the eggs, etc. about an hour later, usually while driving to work (“finger food” FTW).





Breakfast is so important. It gives you fuel for the day. If you deprive yourself of fuel (food), then your tank will run out of gas quickly. Eat your big meals around the times when you are most active during the day (i.e. when working or exercising). “But why do I need ‘fuel’ when I’m working?” Your brain consumes about one fifth of your body’s total energy use. Want to think clearly and deeply? Want energy to exercise? Eat substantial, nutritious foods. 

Not sure what you should eat for breakfast? Your meal does not have to be fancy; try a complex carbohydrate (i.e. oatmeal, whole grain toast, etc.) with a protein source (i.e. egg) to ensure satiety. 


Your biggest meal should be in the morning, not at night several hours prior to sleeping. Why? Because you do not need a lot of fuel to sleep. Your body has other important things to take care of when you are sleeping; digesting food is not a top priority.


2 thoughts on “Morning Fuel

  1. Eh… I personally think that the obesity epidemic has more to do with the overall quality and quantity of calories consumed. The act of eating at night will not make someone fat. For instance, if someone exercises in the evening, then they may take in most of their calories at night. It depends on the whole picture as well as the individual.

    I used the auxiliary verb “should” when I said “your biggest meal *shouldn’t* be at night” to indicate that, under optimal circumstances, one should try to go to bed on an empty stomach solely because this allows the body to recover and revitalize without worrying about metabolizing food.


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