Sardine Salad with Sauerkraut and Sprouted Green Lentils

During my freshman year of college, I had a roommate. Throughout the year, her poor nostrils endured the potent smells of my foods. I always apologized to her when I popped open a can of sardines. By the way, sardines mixed with (garbanzo or white bean) hummus, Kalamata olives, and chewy swiss chard, rolled up in a warm, brown rice tortilla make for a heavenly combo, but I digress. My roommate was a champ; she never complained about the smells. She only thought that I was a little strange because I ate chia seeds. Chia seeds, chia pets, ya know. And this was back in 2011 before chia seeds went mainstream. Sorry, again, Billi 😀


Clearly, my palate is eccentric. I crave atypical food combinations in comparison to the Standard American Diet, or Western Diet. Although I’ve heard that Mike’s grandfather used to dip sardines in coffee… so maybe he has me beat? Nevertheless, I let my flavor hankerings dictate my meals. Below, you’ll find one of my variations of a weekly staple: a sardine salad.

I love fatty fish. The fattier, the better. Salmon, sardines, mackeral, seabass, trout, herring… yuuuuuuuum.





-2-3 oz sardines

-2-3 cups mixed greens or lettuce blend

-1/4 cup green lentils, rinsed and cooked (mine were sprouted–uneccessary, though)

-1/4 cup sauerkraut

Dressing: fresh lemon juice, olive oil, flax oil, sea salt, and ground black pepper

Not pictured: I topped this dish off with a hardboiled egg. Yolk included, obviously.


Assemble your salad. Dress the salad a few minutes before you eat/serve it.




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