Breakfast Bowl of Champions (and Micronutrients)

Naturally colorful food is always the first thing that I put on my plate. In fact, I base my meals around color. I think that this routine began when I ate tons and tons of steamed spinach of off my high chair when I was a baby. 
You can go as far back as 2011 to see all of the colorful foods that I’ve made since starting this blog. Admittedly, my initial reason for eating “colorfully” was simply because it made me feel good. It was all that I knew since my mother only shopped at markets like Sprouts, or Mrs, Greens. 
Now, as an adult, I enjoy reading literature and listening to biochemists speak about the benefits of vitamins and minerals on a cellular level.
Anyway, I don’t think that it’s “my way, or the highway.” My way is not how you should “build” your plate, per se, because everybody has a choice to eat whatever, whenever they want. Presumably, however, you must be somewhat interested in what is considered nutritious by most scientific and societal standards since you are visiting my blog in the first place. In which case, I would suggest that you consider the color and nutritional breakdown of your food prior to planning, making, or consuming any meals. I don’t mean simply looking at the amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, although these macronutrients are definitely important also. On the other hand, you should consider the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in your food. This process will help ensure that you receive the most nurishment from your diet. Why? Because vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause acute short term damage or severe damage in the long run. 

Below, a gorgeous picture of my micronutrient-dense breakfast. I will label most of the nutritional breakdown of this dish in the “tag” section of this post (shown above). 


-1-2 cups swisschard, sautéed 

-1/4 Shiitake, Maitake, etc., mushrooms, sautéed 

-1 farm fresh egg, fried in a bit of rendered duck fat

-1/2 tsp ginger root

-1 garlic clove

-dulse flakes (or sea salt & black pepper)

Serve with a side of kimchi and salmon (from a reputable and sustainable source).



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